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We are proud to announce our new collaboration with notebook and journal creators Beechmore books. 

If you have not stumbled across these beautiful books before; Beechmore Books are a London based company producing 'premium, vegan-leather-bound, thick-papered' journals. Each product is a piece of art, with its in-house binding ensuring the book is finished to the last detail, ready for your creativity to burst onto the pages and beyond.


''The right notebook is an invitation to inspiration. At Beechmore Books, we know that it matters how the cover opens, how the paper feels, how it responds to a pen. Whether you journal or jot, scrawl or sketch, we are passionate about offering you elegant, ergonomic notebooks that encourage your best ideas and creativity.''

 Dandan Design's much loved No.29 will be featured on one-hundred limited edition notebooks. These are currently for sale in the US only - via Amazon at:

Find out more about Beechmore Books at: